Used drawers

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HapoH specializes in used pharmacy chests of drawers. All our chests of drawers are fully assembled upon arrival and completely overhauled. Each drawer is checked and, where necessary, repairs are carried out. This way you can be sure of many years of enjoyment from a used HapoH chest of drawers.

How does it work?
HapoH Has different chests of drawers in stock. These are mostly Willach chests of drawers, not older than 7 years and of the newest type, the so-called FAMA 7007 system. This folding system ensures a smooth return of the drawer and is a space-saving solution. The drawers are always fully assembled and any defects are immediately remedied. You should think of broken wheels and broken bottom plates. The chests of drawers that you purchase at HapoH are therefore capable of serving for many decades to come.

When purchasing a chest of drawers you can take care of transport and assembly. We can also arrange this for you if desired.

Transport takes place on euro pallets (1 per 2 columns) and the uprights are transported separately. A chest of 8 columns is therefore transported on 4 euro pallets and has 9 separate uprights.

The transport costs depend on the size of the chest of drawers and the distance. A transport from an 8-column chest of drawers to, for example, North Brabant will cost approximately € 450.

For more info you can contact us on +31 35 6227288