Medicine refrigerators

Refrigerators in pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' surgeries have to meet high demands for the storage of medicines. That is why Liebherr medicine refrigerators have numerous functions and equipment features to store high-quality preparations and temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines in the best possible way. The Liebherr medicine refrigerators naturally meet the criteria of DIN 58345 for the storage of medicines. medication has a complete range of medical refrigerators for the furnishing of your medical practice, such as: medicine refrigerators, vaccine refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators and medication refrigerators.

Why not a domestic model?

Laboratory appliances are preferred over household appliances and simple professional appliances because of the following features:

Temperature stability and safe storage

When storing sensitive substances, preparations etc. strict limits on storage temperatures are required. Liebherr's laboratory refrigerators and freezers are designed to provide a controlled temperature at all levels in the unit. Household appliances are intended for the non-critical storage of food products and sometimes have no or only a weak forced air system where temperature stability cannot be guaranteed. Also, the temperature displays react very slowly or show only the set value and not the actual indoor temperature. In addition, the cooling systems of household appliances are not designed to operate within tight temperature ranges, especially under intensive use. When the temperature of a laboratory device exceeds alarm limits, an alarm can be triggered immediately, unlike standard refrigerators and freezers for domestic or professional use. These often have no or an extremely delayed external alarm.

Lab devices with an alarm interface can be connected to an external independent monitoring system. This ensures a high degree of security for the valuable and temperature-sensitive contents.


For certain applications, it is essential to comply with specific device design guidelines. For example, for the storage of highly flammable materials, an ATEX-compliant device must be used to ensure safety during use.

Devices that comply with DIN 58345 ensure that medicines are stored in such a way that the effectiveness of the contents is preserved. All laboratory equipment can be integrated into the existing quality management system through qualification (IQ / OQ / PQ). The adaptability of the devices supports this process.