Exchange Tray System

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MedTray Medication tray with custom format
60mm hoog
HapoH Divider UT100
HapoH Divider UT100
€3,40Excl. tax
HapoH Divider UT104 (55mm)
HapoH Divider UT104 (55mm)
€1,60Excl. tax

Improve organisation, reduce errors, and increase efficiency with customised trays

To increase efficiency, H+H SYSTEM developed trays and boxes suitable for all drawer types and sizes. Our system can be used to more effectively prepare, sort, and store medication for transportation. To comply with safety standards, they are also available with locked or sealable lids. The leak-proof trays are ideal for the U.S. "Exchange Tray System". The trays can be quickly removed from the drawer and replaced.

  • leakproof
  • security lids and bags available
  • perfect over view
  • flexible dividers
  • labelling options available
  • various designs and materials
  • any size
  • patient oriented storage in a small space