LED shelf lighting

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"FlexiPower" shelf lighting set
"FlexiPower" shelf lighting set
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Simple and effective: that is our new, flexible lighting set for the shelves in your store! Pay extra attention to the perfume selection in your drugstore or pharmacy or put new products in the right light during the Christmas period. Combine several rails each time or use only one LED strip for a striking look of your highlights.

Thanks to a smart magnet system, the LED strips can be attached in a few steps to the front or rear of your metal shelf. The LED strips receive electricity via small magnetic pickups, each with 2 connection options. These are attached by spring-loaded contacts on a vertically mounted rail. If necessary, you can shorten these rails on site to the correct dimensions of your shelves. The pickups can be moved without power outage on the rail.
A maximum of 3 LED strips can be connected in a row per magnetic pickup and a maximum of 12 LED strips can be connected to a rail. For maximum flexibility, each LED strip has 2 connection options. Start your own lighting project!