Sequential number system

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A serial number system ensures peace of mind in your store. Shopdepot has various serial number systems.

Sequential number system

is service! Do you also find it annoying to keep an eye on who came before you and whose turn it is after you? Sometimes it feels like a constant guard of your spot. A one-time low investment ensures that your customers can wait quietly and possibly walk around the store. All this can be solved by a serial number system. Of course, we don't have to explain to you that the peace and quiet and the extra walk through the store can generate a nice increase in turnover.

A wireless serial number system is very easy to install. You hang the display and everything works immediately. The supplied remote controls are already set up correctly. A wired serial number system works with a kind of telephone plug or a jack plug, which you press into the serial number display, you then only have to find a nice spot for the push button. This system also works immediately. Of course you also need a dispenser with serial numbers. All our starter packages include a dispenser with ticket serial numbers. All in all, an installation of our systems should take no longer than 10 minutes. (This does not include hanging.)

Do you want a multi-screen tracking number system? Our Classic serial number system can easily be expanded with multiple screens. It works simply, you connect the screens together via a kind of telephone cable, set the serial number display to SL via the Mode button (press for about 15 seconds) and the second display is connected to the first so that the same numbers are presented.

Do you want options such as narrowcasting in your serial number system? We have the perfect system for you, which is available as a complete set or separately. The possibilities of this system are exceptional and at an affordable price. For example, you can display your advertising banners on the system, run a message at the bottom of the screen and show the weather forecast for your place of residence. All you need is: a TV or monitor screen with HDMI and internet. The system is very easy to set up with the easy-to-use instructions. Curious about this digital serial number system? Click on this link on the image below.

Tracking number system with digital kiosk / ticket printer?

We have put together a nice set for you. The entire digital serial number system works on WiFi making installation easy. With the digital ticket dispenser you can fully personalize your tracking number such as logos and text. The screen where customers select their number is digital and can be completely customized to your wishes, you can set up to 20 counters. The serial number box is an extra box that communicates with the digital ticket printer and calling program that you connect to your LCD screen via HDMI. This box calls people and can also provide a lot of advertising via media files and information about the weather or news via Rss feed on the screen.

Curious? Click on the image below and be surprised by all the possibilities.

All our serial number systems have a two-year warranty and we are always available for service questions.

Do you have a specific wish for a particular serial number system? Let us know and we will get to work for you!

Read all the benefits of a serial number system in the article below.

The Sequence Number System: Efficient Organization for Your Company


When it comes to managing processes and providing a streamlined experience for customers, the tracking number system can be a valuable tool for businesses. Whether it's a busy waiting area, a customer service center or a service-oriented business, implementing a tracking number system can help improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and implementation of the tracking number system, as well as some best practices to make the system work effectively for your business.

Table of contents

  1. What is a serial number system?

    • 1.1 The purpose of a serial number system
    • 1.2 How does a serial number system work?
  2. The advantages of a serial number system

    • 2.1 Reduced waiting times
    • 2.2 Improved customer satisfaction
    • 2.3 More efficient business processes
    • 2.4 Better data collection and analysis
  3. Implementation of a serial number system

    • 3.1 Step 1: Identify your needs
    • 3.2 Step 2: Choose the right system
    • 3.3 Step 3: Train your employees
    • 3.4 Step 4: Test and optimize the system
  4. Best practices for an effective serial number system

    • 4.1 Provide clear instructions
    • 4.2 Offer multiple channels
    • 4.3 Monitor and analyze data
    • 4.4 Continue to improve the system
  5. Conclusion

  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a serial number system?

1.1 The purpose of a serial number system

A tracking number system is an organized method of helping customers obtain service in the correct order. It allows companies to assign customers a unique tracking number upon arrival, letting them know where they are in the queue. This system makes it possible to regulate the flow of customers and helps reduce waiting times.

1.2 How does a serial number system work?

A serial number system usually consists of a combination of software, hardware and visual displays. Upon entry, each customer is assigned a tracking number, usually via a ticket or electronic device. The system tracks the order of numbers issued and shows this on a display, so customers know when it is their turn.

2. The advantages of a serial number system

2.1 Reduced waiting times

One of the main benefits of a serial number system is reducing waiting times. By giving customers a tracking number, they can take a seat and relax without worrying about who is there for them. This reduces the frustration and stress associated with long queues.

2.2 Improved customer satisfaction

By reducing wait times and serving customers more efficiently, a tracking number system leads to improved customer satisfaction. Customers feel valued and cared for when they feel their time is respected. Satisfied customers are likely to return and recommend your business to others.

2.3 More efficient business processes

With a serial number system, companies can streamline their internal processes. By serving customers in an organized manner, employees can work more efficiently and plan tasks better. This leads to an overall improvement in productivity and business efficiency.

2.4 Better data collection and analysis

A tracking number system can also generate valuable data for business analysis. By tracking wait times, customer turnaround time, and other metrics, you can gain insight into your business's performance. This data can be used to identify bottlenecks, improve processes and optimize the overall customer experience.

3. Implementation of a serial number system

3.1 Step 1: Identify your needs

Before implementing a tracking number system, it is important to identify your specific needs and goals. Think about the nature of your business, the expected customer flows and the desired functionality of the system. This will help you choose the right solution.

3.2 Step 2: Choose the right system

There are several serial number systems available, ranging from simple paper tickets to sophisticated electronic systems. Choose a system that fits your budget, scalability and technology requirements. Also consider user-friendliness for both employees and customers.

3.3 Step 3: Train your employees

Once you have chosen a serial number system, it is essential to train your employees in its use. Make sure they are familiar with the system and know how to help customers obtain and understand their tracking numbers. Good training ensures smooth implementation and an optimal customer experience.

3.4 Step 4: Test and optimize the system

After implementation, it is important to test and evaluate the sequence number system. Identify any problems or bottlenecks and take corrective action where necessary. Also, continue to listen to customer and employee feedback to continuously improve the system and adapt it to the changing needs of your business.

4. Best practices for an effective serial number system

4.1 Provide clear instructions

Make sure customers are given clear instructions on how to obtain their tracking number and where to wait. Post signs, use visual displays and train your employees to guide customers.

4.2 Offer multiple channels

Consider offering multiple channels for obtaining tracking numbers, such as physical tickets, text messages, or mobile apps. This gives customers more flexibility and choice, resulting in a better customer experience.

4.3 Monitor and analyze data

Keep a close eye on the performance of your tracking number system. Collect data such as wait times, average service time and customer satisfaction. Analyze this data regularly to gain insights and make improvements where necessary.

4.4 Continue to improve the system

A serial number system is not static, but must be continuously improved. Listen to customer and employee feedback and implement improvements based on their suggestions. By continuing to evolve, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.