Liebherr SmartMonitoring temperature registration

Concentrate on your work and enjoy your evening off with SmartMonitoring from Liebherr. This innovative solution offers you direct insight into all essential status data of your cooling device and immediately alerts you to any deviations. In addition, the device also takes on important documentation tasks, helping you meet strict quality standards. With just one click, you can effortlessly retrieve and share data with auditors or competent authorities.

Leave the worries about your samples and medicines behind and save valuable time on documentation. With SmartMonitoring from Liebherr you enter the world of digital and automated monitoring and control of environmental parameters.

Digital monitoring solution

Ease of service in one Dashboard

With SmartMonitoring, Liebherr offers you tailor-made and comprehensive solutions for the management of professional refrigeration and freezing equipment.

Discover the benefits:

  1. Full Control: All measurement and operating data, together with the current device status, are available at a glance.
  2. Immediate Alarm Notifications: Be immediately informed of malfunctions, errors, temperature and door alarms, as well as any device failure.
  3. Seamless Documentation: Accurately track temperature history and effortlessly generate temperature compliance reports and HACCP reports.
  4. Efficient Service Requests: Submit service requests directly from the clear dashboard.

With SmartMonitoring from Liebherr you not only optimize your cooling processes, but you are also assured of immediate response to any problems. Discover the perfect combination of user-friendliness and advanced functionalities for your professional environment.

Always clear

Manage smartly with SmartMonitoring

Even minimal temperature differences can have an impact on sensitive samples, chemicals and substances. Don't rely on the perfect temperature without checking it. With the SmartMonitoring dashboard you have direct insight into the current measurement and operating data, alarm messages and the status of your equipment. Its intuitive user-friendliness makes it accessible anywhere. You can consult the data online at any time, giving you the assurance that storage temperatures are optimal for your samples and chemicals.

Always informed

Through reliable alarm systems

The Alarm section goes beyond just viewing alerts and device alarms; it also offers the flexibility to set individual, device-independent cloud alarms.

What can you expect?

  • Clear overview of active and historical alerts
  • Ability to add comments to alarm messages
  • Efficiently send service requests directly from the dashboard.

Uninterrupted documentation

Efficient Report Access

SmartMonitoring makes it easy to generate temperature documentation directly in the application, ensuring compliance with quality processes and guidelines. This makes reliable reports accessible and retrievable at any time.