Online temperature registration system TempCube Airosensor

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TempCube Airosensor Starter Kit
TempCube Airosensor Starter Kit
€417,00Excl. tax
TempCube Airosensor Starterkit (with calibration certificate) - Copy
IJKING + extra bereik
TempCube Airosensor Logger (with calibration certificate)
incl. ijkcertificaat
TempCube Airosensor Logger
TempCube Airosensor Logger
€169,00Excl. tax
TempCube Airosensor Logger - Extended Range
Extra ver bereik
TempCube Airosensor Credits
TempCube Airosensor Credits
€25,00Excl. tax
TempCube Airosensor AccessPoint Indoor
TempCube Airosensor AccessPoint Indoor
€210,00Excl. tax

Download here the Tempcube Airosensor Manual

To simplify the temperature registration process, TempCube / Airosensor is an extremely suitable solution. The revolutionary data logger TempCube / Airosensor makes it possible to automatically register and digitize all measurements. TempCube / Airosensor is the innovative solution for wireless control of temperature, humidity and movement. The data generated will be automatically sent to a secure environment via an access point. By hanging the sensor near the CCPs, the critical control points are continuously monitored and monitored. The measuring processes are registered 24/7. By means of an online portal you always have direct insight into the measuring processes with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Set limit values

Limit values can be set yourself. As soon as one of the limit values is exceeded, an alarm will be sent by text message or e-mail.

Features TempCube Airosensor

TempCube / Airosensor is a data logger that installs itself and has a battery life of 10 years. The compact logger has a memory of more than 15,000 measurements and sends its data directly to a secure internet environment via a so-called 'Access Point'.

TempCube benefits

  • Install independently
  • Cost-free calibration in accordance with LNA procedure. No need to send it
  • Alarm via email when exceeding limit temperature or the offine
    from your AiroSensor or AccessPoint. (SMS is also possible)
  • Measurement results registered 24/7 and directly online
  • Tempcube Airosensor does not use a WiFi network
  • Battery life of 10 years
  • Minimal TCO due to unprecedented durability


TempCube Credits

When purchasing the TempCube Airosensor you need to purchase credits for the use of the data logger. With one TempCube credit you can use a data logger for a year. Credits are paid in advance, so you are not tied to a subscription. In addition, a credit can also be used as credit for an SMS alert. 1 Credit then equals 40 SMS alerts.


Are you the first user?

When you are the first user, it is advisable to start with the TempCube starter kit. In order to get off to a good start, you do not only need the datalogger, but also an Access Point and 2 Credits. 1 Credit for the logger and 1 Credit to be able to use the logger for a year for SMS alerts. (1 credits = 40 SMS alerts)