In an implementing organization, a medicine refrigerator must / must be available as a stock refrigerator. A medicine refrigerator has the advantage that the temperature can be set between narrow limits, for example between +4 ° C and +6 ° C or with a set point of 5 ° C. Each refrigerator (storage and day refrigerator) may only be used for the storage of vaccines and pharmaceuticals and the refrigerator must not contain a freezer / freezer compartment. For optimal functioning of the refrigerator it is important to open the refrigerator as short as possible.

The refrigerator itself must be lockable or in a space that can be closed with a lock, so that only authorized personnel can use / open the refrigerator. The room itself should not be too cold or warm (no server room for computers) so that the temperature remains as stable as possible (between 15 ° C and 25 ° C). The refrigerator should be cleaned at least annually. The layout in the refrigerator must be clear. All refrigerators * must be equipped with temperature monitoring (at least a calibrated logger), so that it can always be traced what the temperature has been. The refrigerator preferably has an alarm if the temperature limits are exceeded or undershot and if the door is left open. A refrigerator maintenance plan must be in place to maintain refrigerator reliability. See for a checklist of the specifications