In addition to supplying equipment, we can also provide most products with a calibration certificate. Our partner herein has the knowledge and equipment for calibrating thermometers. Calibration is the comparison of a system or device with an international standard to determine the accuracy. This includes the use of temperature baths, dry blocks and a climate cabinet. The equipment to be calibrated is compared with a meter certified by VSL (formerly NMI). The test results are stated on a certificate. If the deviation is too great, if possible, the product to be certified will be adjusted (adjust so that it again meets the accuracy specifications).

Have recalibrated

A calibration certificate is valid for 1 year. Ca. 1 month before the certificate expires, you will receive a letter from us indicating that you can have the product recalibrated. A specially designed return form will be sent for this purpose. Here too you will find the choices whether you want to receive a standard calibration certificate or want to specify 4 measuring points yourself. If you choose a standard certificate, you do not have to enter any temperatures. You can also download the calibration form on this page.
You should keep in mind that recalibration takes 5-7 workdays. If desired, we can supply loan products for this period


Where should I send my products to have them recertified?

To the next address:

Re5al BV
Meer and Dune 64b
2163 HC Lisse

You have lost your product 5 to 7 working days and we recommend that you pack the product properly to prevent it being damaged during transport.

I cannot do without temperature registration, but my products must be certified, what should I do now?

You can contact us and ask for a rental logger, we will send it and you can use it temporarily.

Can products be recalibrated?

A calibration certificate is valid for 1 year, in fact every product must be recalibrated every year. You will be informed about this on time by us.